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Cindy Runyon

Cindy Runyon - Tau maker

I am a professed 3rd Order Secular Franciscan of the Blessed Franz Jagerstatter Fraternity in Flagstaff, AZ.

I developed a love of the Tau when I was in Formation to become a 3rd Order Secular Franciscan.  The story of how St. Francis learned of the Tau and how It became his signature, touched me deeply.  I started to make them as a Profession gift for my brothers and sisters, in my Franciscan fraternity, and it blossomed into selling them to Franciscan gift shops, as well as other groups.  It has become a big part of my Franciscan vocation.

When I am not making Taus, I like to swim, hike, read and fence.

Peace & all good to you,




The Spirituality of the tau

The Tau was for Francis the symbol of the universal salvation.  "For by your holy cross you have redeemed the world", was how the prayer ended that the Saint and his fellows friars used to recite each time that they saw a cross or its image. 

The Tau meant to him the sign of a permanent conversion, of making oneself poor and renouncing all things by following the example of the poor Christ. 

The Tau also signified to Francis the need to be a missionary and a servant to others, because it reminds us that the Lord made himself our servants even unto death. 

Finally the Tau was for him the sign of the goodness and the love of God and thus the source of his "Perfect Joy".