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Luis Estrada


Guitarist, composer, singer, wood sculptor and painter (b. 1974, Mexico).

As a young adult, Luis Estrada built his own guitar from scratch, fashioning it out of spare wooden pieces from his family’s home. Little did he know this would lay the foundation for a life in the arts. Luis’s work is largely inspired by his Christian faith, his family, and social justice teachings.

Luis incorporates a fusion of traditional Mexican and contemporary Southwestern styles to his wood work. He takes pride in working with upcycled materials that can be turned into art and be given a second life.

For over 20 years, Luis has led liturgical music ministries throughout the Valley of the Sun. In this capacity, Luis has been able to work with and mentor young singers and musicians who often come from underprivileged backgrounds.  Furthermore, seeing a need for children’s ministries within the Hispanic community, Luis and his wife, Maria del Pilar, formed the Espiritu de los Niños puppet ministry in 2000. Since then, Espiritu de los Niños has traveled throughout the state of Arizona to spread a message of love for oneself and one’s neighbor.

Most recently, Luis has worked with EnFamilia Radio, a Phoenix-based radio station, to create two yearly walk-through experiences. The Altares de todos los santos (Altars of All Saints’ Day) and the Belenes (Bethlehem Nativity Scenes) are two of the largest Day of the Dead and Christmas exhibits that are geared towards the Hispanic community in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Both the Altares and the Belenes have been showcased on the Phoenix Univision affiliate.

On a weekly basis since 2014, Luis has written and produced Niños con palabra, a one-hour variety radio show that provides evangelization and catechesis for children under the age of 12.

In his free time, Luis loves to play the guitar, write music, and spend time with his family. Luis is happily married to his wife Maria del Pilar and together they have 7 children, all of whom are artists.